Chauncey Canfield has been a musician since the age of 3, studying classical piano before moving into  jazz, electronic, and beyond. He has appeared on numerous commercial releases and his music has been featured in films, television shows, and commercials.

In recent years, he has focused on his solo piano work which he views as "a spontaneous journey into spaces both intimate and soaring." 

While his musical output and influences span a dizzying number of genres, his solo work tends toward introspective piano improvisations, ambient soundscapes, intricate minimalist neo-classical film scores.

He is also an avid folk accordionist, playing his own original neo-trad works, eclectic unplugged covers as well traditional European folk tunes (Irish, Breton, English Scandinavian, Belgian).

He performs regularly around the Pacific Northwest, both in collaborations or solo. Please inquire regarding live booking or licensing opportunities using the contact form link.